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At LiveWell we make it our mission to supply the world with the mentally and physically talented and capable individuals it needs today in order to create the lasting society we all hope to see tomorrow. Learn today, own tomorrow.

Our company name, ‘LiveWell’ reflects our simple desire to help people who want to improve the quality of their lives.

Living well is the best revenge.
The best way to give back to the world is to live better now.

We come into this world and?until we discover our vocation? every moment is a chance to learn. Live now. It takes a full personality to fulfill a life. Envisioning the future optimistically creates a brighter one. By enhancing life-long learning, we contribute to society by supporting people who want to live better.


Family [Treating people well]
Family is the first of all organizations and ours is one that treats you like family.


Growth [Growth=Self-expression]
Work is what lets you actualize your potential.


Resonance [The harmonic of harmony]
Keep the echo of stimulation, excitement and pathos going by being empathic.


Mission [Know your tasks, accomplish your aims]
Each and every person has a mission to accomplish. Let us help you find yours.


Global Top [Producing the talent of the next-generation]
We want to change the world by giving it the world’s best service.

1: We expand the ring of companionship by strengthening the connections between people as we support them on their mutual development.
2: We want to grow with our clients, customers and workforces by polishing one another through a shared diligence.
3: We always read the events before our eyes as affirmatively and positively as possible.
4: Ideas become realities. We think that events of life are projections of the mind.
5: We believe in the infinite possibility of all the people with whom we deal.
6: We grow by changing a little every day.
7: If a staff member has a problem, let us know and we will solve it with you.
8: We believe that manners are fundamental and strive to comport ourselves in such a way as to merit praise at all times.
9: We take the responsibility to see all our jobs through to the very end.
10: Goal achievement requires dexterity and flexibility.
11: We take the initiative and commit to it.
12: If any problems arise, we come up with an action plan ourselves, consult with our team leaders and make improvements.
13: Whenever we solve a problem, we add it to our manual so we can share our knowledge with others.
14: We share information with our team leaders and team players and maintain constant communication.

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Company NameLiveWell Ltd.
Established 2009/1/1
Balance Sheet December
Capital Stock 10 million Japanese Yen
Industry Details - Consulting・Publishing Company
- Educational Enterprise
- Seminar・Workshop

- Osaka Prefecture Qualified Bidding Entrant
 (Registration Number 6905656 Leasing Service Member)
- Osaka City Qualified Bidding Entrant
 (Authorization Number 695126 Supplier of Goods・Entrustment of Business)
- Ministries and Government Offices Qualified Bidding Entrant
 (Contractor Code: 0000153748 Provision of Service)

<Cabinet・Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications・Ministry of Foreign Affairs・Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, and others>

Representative Director Akira Makinoya
Registered Training Lecturers Over 100 persons


Consulting / Publishing

  • Support for Japanese companies entering the overseas market

  • Marketing consultations

  • Support for non-Japanese companies entering the Japanese market

  • Publishing

  • Marketing utilizing Japanese domestic internet and social network services (MIXI, GREE, FACEBOOK, etc)

School management

  • Management of English language schools

  • Management of a vocational training seminar sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Seminar / Study and training

  • Contracts with groups seeking training seminars

  • Sending the instructor to study and training to obtain additional skills

  • Management of a Businesspersons networking party

CEO profile

Akira Makinoya
Professional company management consultant of the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry CHUSHO KIGYO SHINDAN SHI (the Small and Medium sized Enterprises, abbreviated SME: )
This is the only recognized certification for a Japanese company management consultant.
Nara university ( ) lecturer in the Faculty of social sciences, part-time teacher of an Intellectual Property class.
Registration expert of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( )
Member of Information Science and Technology Association, Japan ( )
Member of Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation ( )
Member of American Dream Japanese Network ( )


Born in Neyagawa-city Osaka on September 22nd 1976
After university graduation, start working at Manage Intellectual Property database company.
Became the youngest head of a sales section
Became CEO of LIVEWELL Corp. from JAN 2009
An active marketing consultant
As a lecturer; sought after by many universities, administration groups, companies, etc
Reporter for the Kansai Business Satellite news paper
Appear in magazines and on radio programs

Given lectures at Institutions

Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kita-Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Hirakata-city government office
Neyagawa-city Board of Education
Many companies

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